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3D for retailers and manufacturers

Icovia Business Edition 3D ("Icovia 3D") offers a fully interactive 3D experience for product viewing, decorating and space planning to consumers. Create rooms of various shapes and sizes, add products from a 3D product catalog and apply lighting, wall colors and floor coverings. Re-brand Icovia Business Edition 3D to match a corporate look with integrated logos and color scheme.


Users start from an empty room or professionally designed floor plan, adding and placing windows and doors as desired.


Products can be added and displayed in different finishes or options and seen from different perspectives.


Upon selection each item description, image, price and part number is displayed to the user, who can optionally add it to the room.


Each item in a room can be examined in detail, in various shape, finish and material options. Every room design can be saved using the customer's email address and its contents can be sent to a shopping cart.

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