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Q: Why can't I launch or login to the 2020 Icovia Planner? It seems to hang.
A: You may have out-dated internet files stored in your web browsers cache on your computer. Click HERE to learn more about how to clear your web browsers cache.
Q: Why can't I import images into my 2020 Icovia Planner?
A: Make sure that you are using the correct version of Flash Player and that your image is in the correct format (JPEG). Please review your planners help files on using the Photo Tool to learn more.
Q: Why won't my plans open when I email them?
A: If you are emailing plans to someone else:
The recipient probably has a pop-up blocker enabled, and/or does not have the Flash Player plug-in installed.

If you are emailing plans to yourself:
You may not be able to open plans you email to yourself if you are currently logged into your planner account. To fix this, first log out of and then close the browser. Next, open the emailed plan by clicking on the link in the email message.

Click HERE to read more about opening emailed plans.
Q: Can I create a desktop shortcut to the 2020 Icovia Design Edition?
A: Absolutely! (Assuming you are using a Windows operating system)
  1. Go to your desktop and right click in a blank area.
  2. Click on "New"
  3. Click on Shortcut
  4. The Shortcut Wizard appears: paste this string into the edit box http://www.icovia.com/login.aspx
This will bring you directly to the login screen.
Q: How can I change the credit card used to pay for my 2020 Icovia subscription?
A: When you log in, your "My Account" page will appear. Click the "Change Billing Info" button to access the Billing Information page. Enter your new credit card information and click the "Submit" button to save changes.

If your subscription was de-activated due to a cancelled credit card, simply enter new credit card information on the "Billing Information" page to reactivate your account.
Q: Can I change the way my name appears on printed plans in the Design Edition?
A: Yes, you can change this and any other information you entered when you created your account. Simply log in, go to the "My Account" page and change the First Name and Last Name in your profile.
Q: Can I replace the 2020 Icovia Logo on printed plans with my own?
A: Having a custom-branded logo on the print-outs is one of the many advantages of having a 2020 Icovia Business Edition Planner. However, this functionality is not provided for the 2020 Icovia Design Edition. Click HERE to learn more about a 2020 Icovia Business Edition Planner for your business.
Q: I need a design tool that I can use to create floor plans. Which version of 2020 Icovia is right from me?
A: If you are looking for a design tool that is easy to use and produces professional-looking plans, then 2020 Icovia for Interior Designers is right for you. Click HERE to learn more about 2020 Icovia for Interior Designers.
Q: I want my customers to launch a 2020 Icovia planner from my website. Which version is right for me?
A: The 2020 Icovia Business Edition is designed specifically for this purpose. A customized version, branded uniquely for your business, is seamlessly setup for launching from your web pages. Click HERE to learn more about the 2020 Icovia Business Edition.
Q: Do I need a product database to use the 2020 Icovia Business Edition?
A: No. Although many businesses delight in the ROI of having their own specific products represented in a 2020 Icovia planner, different "flavors" are available that meet the needs of any business. With the 2020 Icovia Business Edition, you have the freedom to choose the level of branding and icons that compliment your company's size and resources. Click HERE to request more information.
Q: How many new leads will the 2020 Icovia Business Edition generate for me every month?
A: The amount of leads the 2020 Icovia Business Edition generates is directly related to the amount of traffic that your website receives. Most businesses realize a significant amount of valuable leads every month, sometimes numbering in the thousands. Read this marketing post on the 2020 Icovia web blog to learn how to get the most out of your 2020 Icovia Business Edition.
Q: As a Business Edition customer, how do I access my registered leads?
A: The 2020 Icovia Business Edition Planner comes with a Report Tool that provides you with several reports that give valuable lead information, metrics on product interest, and much more. If you've forgotten how to access your tool Contact Icovia Support & Service for your login information.
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