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Extend your brand with your own Tablet Edition App for iPad.

Add credibility and extend your brand by providing your customers with your own App available from you on the AppStore.

The 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition is available for Business Edition and Product Catalog optioned Business Edition planners.

Increase customer confidence from the sales floor.

Customers want confidence that the furniture they wish to buy will fit in their home. The 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition allows your sales associates to quickly prove the fit and remove the concern for the customer.

Add a 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition to your business to reduce no-fits and returns, increase average order size, and engage the customer during the decision-making process.

Share designs to and from your website room planner.

The 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition integrates fully with your existing Business Edition room planner. Customer designs created at home can be captured and used to complete the sale on the sales floor.

Engage mobile customers with tablet based room planning.

Increasingly customers are shopping for furniture from mobile devices and retailers are enabling their websites to accommodate.

The 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition empowers you to mobile enable room planning from a tablet like no other industry room planner!

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